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   To help each referee develop their skill, knowledge and ability, Officials who are who are newly designated as Class I officials, effective August 2009, shall serve a probationary period of two years or until two satisfactory game assessments are completed. State Class 1 candidates must have a field assessment as both a Center Referee and Assistant Referee the year of their application; and then biannually as a Center and AR. Assessment forms shall be submitted by a MASO recognized Assessor to the MASO Executive Board.

The MASO State Referee Training program is a voluntary program for those referees who want to officiate in Regional and State level playoff games in 2020 and beyond.

All application materials and supporting documentation (certificates, assessments, etc), must be submitted to: MASO Referee Development Committee ℅ Stephen Peats, 126 East Fork Road, Camden, ME 04843 or All materials will be held in a database file available to all members of the committee. Application materials, documentation forms, clinic dates, times and locations will be posted annually by June 30th on the MASO website under the "Meetings and Testing" tab.

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