In recognition of those selected to Officiate as Referees and Assistant Referees, they will receive

a special 2018 MASO MPA TOURNAMENT Flipping coin.

Class A Boys

Christian Kelley, Bruce Jarvis, Jeff Davis (R), Chris Girardin


Class A Girls

Rich McGovern, Corey Underwood, Mike Hall (R), Stephen Peats


Class B Boys

Steve Thibodeau, Ryan Guerrette, Chris Roy - Referee, Todd Underwood


Class B Girls

John Tracie, Erica Lambert, Allen Drew - Referee, Larry Worcester


Class C Girls

Nick Murray, Brad Lunt, Tracie Martin, Matt Rossignol - Referee


Class C Boys

Todd Albert, Larry Larochelle- Referee, Mark Hundhammer, Brad Ala


Class D Girls

George Ayoob, Travis Jalbert, Peter Coffin (R), James Arcaro


Class D Boys

Mike Andreasen, Ptya Lomari, Jose Herweg (R), Charles Brown




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