Playoff Primer for Officiating Teams (2014)


This handout is intended to serve as a simple reminder to playoff duties and responsibilities for those officials assigned to state playoff games. Many of you have not worked together before, so take a few minutes to review what should go on.


     Conduct a solid pre-game conference that leads to a match that is officiated in a firm, fair and consistent manner


What should be covered in the Pre-Game?


How should the team of officials enter the field?


Now you are ready for the pre-game with the Captains and a Coach from each team. 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO KICK OFF. Give time for corrections in equipment etc. COACHES MUST BE PRESENT


Announcements of Players: Referee Teams may lead the teams onto the field for Ceremonial introductions.


Itís game time!

Assistant Referee Do's and Don'ts

The Fourth Official (some duties)

refer to the NFHS Rule Book, Page 101 for full responsibilities

Referees Ė Some Doís and Doníts


         Maintain verbal and visual communication with your Assistant Referees. Check with the bench side AR (AR1) for substitutions after all out of bounds plays. ARs keep those flags up until the AR1 Lowers his/hers because all subs are accounted for. (or as referee instructs)

         Be firm, fair and consistent in the application of the rules

         Meet with the timer, scorer (MPA now has designated an official scorer to keep the book and monitor/assist with substitutions, this is a local board official who is positioned in the reporting area) and coaches before the game starts. With coaches, ask them if their players are properly equipped.

         Meet with the Captains and a Coach, and your assistant referees. Go over any pertinent rules, give the sportsmanship talk, coaches must confirm players are legally/ properly equipped, and then complete the coin toss.

         Be a preventative referee and team. If you see something wrong before the game starts or even during the game, if you take preventative action before it becomes a problem Ė then do so.

         Give the ARís the needed information as to positioning, how long to hold their flag up before dropping it

         Work as a team, you live and die together!


Itís a Tie!


Playoff games ending in a tie will be extended by a maximum of two fifteen minute sudden victory overtimes. (Teams change ends at the end of the first overtime period)If still tied after the second overtime, the penalty kick alternative will be used. Make sure you take a copy of the MPA Playoff Overtime Procedures with you. 


MPA Soccer Bulletin is available at:


Be Careful Ė Have fun!.   Also, Please get a picture of your referee team and send it to Brad Fogg