November 15, 2020
September 20, 2020
May 31, 2020
September 8, 2019
August 11, 2019
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NOVEMBER 15, 2020 
Attending were:
             Central            Eastern                   Northern                    Downeast                   
   Jeremy Stanford  Lee’Ann Delcourt        Dom Rossignol              Don Beal                              
     Nick Murray         Wil Hasselmann                                               Harold Clark                            
             Western          South Central       Acadia                        Midcoast                     
             Tim Warrow         Don Plourde               Otis Kneeland                Sam Chard
             Mark Ouellette                                      Steve Johnson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
             MPA Liaison      MASO President     Director of Referee Development             
             Brad Fogg              Brad Lunt                                 


Brad Lunt opened the meeting

Secretary’s minutes of the October 20, 2020 minutes were accepted

The Treasurer’s report showing $1482.28 was accepted


MPA Liasion Report

Brad Fogg reported that MPA Soccer Committee met in October to review the season to date. No significant issues or concerns were reported. There were no reports of issues of players not keeping their mouth pieces in their mouth, knowing if they were removed, they would have to leave the field to sanitize them before re-entering. It was queried that if they could leave their mouthpieces in during games in the pandemic, why couldn’t they leave them in when there was no illness?

The Committee is reviewing the various school classifications. This is attributed to some changes in student enrollments which may change their current classifications. A fifth classification is being discussed but not being proposed now.

The Committee reviewed a copy of a “letter of Resignation” originally sent to WMBASO. The letter expressed concerns that WMBASO and MASO had established the black grid jersey as the “alternate” jersey; and that he did not find that acceptable, especially during the current times. I notified that it was MASO’S policy that referees could wear whatever jersey they desired if all were dressed the same way and the MASO’s default jersey was gold grid.  It was also mentioned that baseball umpires are wearing black. The issue was dropped.

The All Sports Officials’ Advisory Board met on November 9, 2020. At this meeting, the following topics were discussed, some issues common to all sports:

·         Covid-19 Update on all winter sports

·         Travel and Mileage issue that originated in the Aroostook League – Soccer Travel which was resolved prior to the season. There was also a concern with Officials working for a Board out of their area and school’s paying travel and mileage.

·         Negotiations will begin in 2021.  The Fee Factor is a question for upcoming negotiations. Negotiations for the 2021 process will contain information regarding impacts on school budgets and the following discussion points; fee factors and how they are determined, selection of assignors, 3-person fee, rider fee, the fee schedule

·         Dragonfly update and issues, Field Hockey and Soccer are full users, other sports are not.

Michael Pullen needs to be added to the distribution list

Is  Bob Stedt being copied asked Tim? Yes was the reply

Motion to accept Brad’s report was seconded and passed.


Charlie Brown is recuperating from a bad knee injury and was welcomed in.


Rules Interpretations- Because of COVID causing a shortened season, there were few rule clarification requests directed to Charlie. Big complaints centered around schools not doing their part to enforce the COVID protocols, i.e. sanitizing the balls during the breaks, players were not washing hands. Referee complained to Charlie that there was no one from the school there to enforce it. He reported it to the MPA, saying is it not our problem; we are not the COVID police. If you want to have our referees be there, we need to have the school support in enforcing your rules.

Training Charlie will assemble his committee in the off-season to determine needs and go from there. He hopes that everyone agrees that the committee working on training needs has been much more efficient than a single person doing the work. He expressed his gratitude to Stephen Peats, Brad Fogg, and Michael Pullen for the energy and expertise they have brought to the process. Charlie hopes for a more normal season next year, which brought a chuckle to the Zoomers, and he looks forward to being able to move ahead with the advanced training as well as the assessor training. There was a great start to advanced training in the fall before COVID intervened, and then when the MPA announced that there would be no playoffs or championships at the season’s end, the pressure was off to get the job done this fall. The officials were having fun just officiating and the coaches told Charlie they were just glad to be out there having at least some semblance of a season. Not as much screaming and yelling as has been the custom in seasons past.

Brad Lunt added his appreciation for the committee’s work. We have made some good strides in the area of the state where we were able to work.


Motion to accept Charlie’s report was seconded and passed.


Constitution Committee

Brad Fogg and Alex Plourde have spent a great deal of time and effort updating our Bylaws and Constitution.


In his opening statement Alex acknowledged the fine work Brad Fogg had done to clean up some spelling and grammar errors in the document, but he also added three new sections relating to duties of the MASO Executive Board relating to appointing the State Rules Interpreter, the State Tournament Games Assignor and indicating that they can be removed from their position for cause. That provision was not in the previous version of the Bylaws.


Le’Ann said she thought the updates were great.


Article 4 of the Constitution (Officers and Executive Board Members) defines the roles of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Article 6  of the Constitution (Amendments) expands the explanation of how and when amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws can be made.


It was moved and seconded to accept the changes to the Constitution unanimously.


Moved and seconded we accept new bylaws



A new section 4 was added to Article Three of the ByLawa (Duties of the Executive Committee). Section 4 (Appoint the following positions)  and references the State Rules Interpreter, the State Tournament Games Assignor, and Liaison to the Maine Principal’s Association.


In the discussion of this new section the group was unanimous that there was a need  for job descriptions of each of these roles so that we can evaluate them at the end of two years. Brad Lunt suggested the Constitution and Bylaws committee help organize job descriptions for each of these roles. You can’t evaluate if you don’t have standards already in place against which to evaluate job performance. Tim Warrow suggested that a separate document be created that will spell out the job description and the evaluation creation for each of these positions, a document that will reference specific position.


Bylaws passed 11-1


New Grievance Policy


In the third bulletpoint down (“You must submit certified copies of your original grievance”) the word “certified” was replaced with “notorized”


The new grievance policy passed unanimously.


Due to lateness of the hour, unfinished business was put off until the nexr meeting.

March 7 6:00 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Johnson





 MINUTES of the MASO  ZOOM Meeting
September 20, 2020
9:00 AM
Attending were:
             Central            Eastern                   Northern                    Downeast                   
   Jeremy Stanford  Lee’Ann Delcourt        Dom Rossignol              Don Beal                              
     Nick Murray         Wil Hasselmann                                               Harold Clark                            
             Western          South Central       Acadia                        Midcoast                     
             Tim Warrow         Don Plourde               Otis Kneeland                Sam Chard
             Mark Ouellette                                      Steve Johnson                                                                         
             MPA Liaison      MASO President     Director of Referee Development             
             Brad Fogg               Brad Lunt                        Charlie Brown


            Jason Pelletier

            Allen Drew


There was confusion as to the opening time of today’s meeting. Brad’s invitation said 9:00 AM and Steve’s e-mail notice said 10:00 AM. Once the error in Steve’s e-mail to the Executive Committee was discovered, Steve sent another e-mail to everyone identifying the confusion, and asking everyone who had not yet done so to jump on the meeting ASAP. Having said that:


Brad Lunt opened the meeting at 9:40. He apologized for the confusion over the starting time and indicated that, as Executive Committee members jumped on to the meeting, he would circle back and give the newcomers a sense of what they had missed since the opening of the meeting at 9:40 AM. He welcomed the new member of the Executive Committee from the Northern Maine Board, Dom Rossignol.


Secretary’s Report The 5/31/20 report had been emailed to the Executive Committee last night, but Steve read it anyway in case people had not had time to catch that e-mail. Following its reading, the Secretary’s report was approved.



Treasurer’s Roport In response to a request from the Executive Committee at the May meeting, the format of the Treasurer’s report this month was altered to provide more comprehensive information about the budget, how much of the budget had been expended, how much was still encumbered and what bills remained to be paid before the end of the year. The September Treasurer’s report was also emailed to the Executive Committee yesterday afternoon, but Brad displayed the Treasurer’s report on screen while Steve walked the Executive Committee through the new format. The Treasurer’s report shows a balance of $1482.82 with only $600.00 of expenses remaining this year. The Treasurer’s report was approved.


In view of the surplus this late in the year. Steve made the following motion. Steve’s motion “Dues for 2020 be frozen and dues for 2021 be billed at $6.00 per official on January 2, 2021 to be paid by April 1, 2021.” Brad Fogg suggested replacing the word “frozen” with “not assessed”. The new motion reads “Dues for 2020 not be assessed and dues for 2021 be billed at $6.00 per official on January 2, 2021 to be paid by April 1, 2021.”  The amended motion passed.


Brad Lunt interjected that the 2020 Bob White award was presented to Denny Harmon on August15. Brad still has the award for the last Bob White Award winner making arrangements to get that award to him.


MPA Report In June, the MPA made recommendations to Sports Medicine Committee about the accommodations the MPA could make to allow the playing of soccer to happen.

Those recommendations received the full support of the Sports Medicine Committee and they were sent to the Governor’s office. Governor’s office made some changes, including a stipulation that all officials must wear masks. Stephen Peats and Brad Fogg in a conversation with Mike Bisson and Mike Burnham were told in no uncertain terms that Jeanne Lambrew, Commissioner of the Department of Human Services had said that if we were going to have fall sports, the officials would wear masks. There was no bargaining involved. It was going to be masks and sports or no masks and no sports. Other changes are that throw-ins can take place anywhere on the field, At the time of the throw in, there can be five offensive players and five defensive players plus the goalkeeper in the box. If there are more people than that in the box on a kick or throw-in, there will be a re-kick or a re-throw. The Commissioner of Human Services is not willing to negotiate any change in the mask requirement policy. Brad has posted the changes in rules on the website. Moved and seconded to accept report.


Training Report 70 referees attend first two sessions, a third session was put off after news of no tournament games broke. Charlie thought the best thing that came out of the ZOOM meetings was the cross fertilization that took place between officials from all over the state. Charlie commended the work of Brad Fogg, Stephen Peats, and Michael Pullen of the Training Committee. Michael is quite the educator and did a stellar job of coordinating COVID-19 training through a ZOOM meeting with the joint board of Western Maine and Central Maine, two of the largest boards in the state. That video can be found under the Breaking News section on MASORef. Com and is well worth watching.


We have 6 referees requesting advancement to Class 1 status, and now that we know we will have some sort of season, Charlie will reach out to them and their boards to see how he can make it happen before the season begins.


A document clarifying five defensive players and the defensive goal keeper in the box along with the five offensive players will soon be posted on



Constitution and By-laws


Brad Fogg and Alex Pleau covered the salient features of the suggested changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and encouraged anyone to wants to modify what he and Alex Pleau have proposed as amendments we will vote on in November to get those suggestions to Brad by October 16 or they will have to wait a year.


Tim, Lee’Ann, and Wil made some excellent suggestion how MASO could better expand its communication with the State Tournament Referee Assignor in order to widen the circle of available referee candidates and to make the selection process more inclusive. Charlie Brown pointed out that in the last few seasons the previous drivers of referee selection for Regional and State Referees have been diminished and replaced by more inclusive selection criteria.


Brad Lunt noted that as we refine advanced our referee programs, many of the problems that have articulated today. will begin to go away.


Before closing the meeting, Brad thanked everyone on call with special kudos to the Training Committee of Charlie Brown, Stephen Peats, Brad Fogg, and Michael Pullen, the Constitution Committee of Alex Pleau and Brad Lunt and the MASO Secretary, Steve Johnson for their work over the summer.


Next MASO meeting Nov 8 , 2020, 6:00 – 8:00.


Respectfully submitted,


Steve Johnson

MASO Secretary




Official MINUTES of the MASO  ZOOM Meeting
May 31, 2020
10:00 AM
Attending were:
             Central            Eastern                   Northern                    Downeast                   
   Jeremy Stanford  Lee’Ann Delcourt        Dan Girard                                                                
     Nick Murray                                                                               8
             Western          South Central       Acadia                        Midcoast                     
             Tim Warrow         Alex Pleau                  Otis Kneeland                Stephen Peats
             Mark Ouellette     Don Plourde               Steve Johnson               Sam Chard                                                                                                                                                                                                      
             MPA Liaison      MASO President     Director of Referee Development             
             Brad Fogg               Brad Lunt                       



            Dennis Crowe, MPATechnology Liaison,


Brad Lunt opened the meeting at 10:01.


He welcomed Dennis Crowe, Sec’y Treasurer and Assignor for the Western Maine Board, and Technology to give us an overview of the NFHS new Center for Official Services, powered by Dragonfly. Dragonfly is a software platform looking to do a lot of things for the NFHS.; allows officials to take NHHS exams on line, .allow for officials to register, allow for athletic directors to input their schedules, allow athletic directors to interact with their schedules on line. The NFHS is paying 100% for all services to it members , no matter what any official does in Maine, what any Board does in Maine, whatever the Maine Principals’ Association does, everything is 100% free. It is not like a late night caller promising you a free product. This is genuinely free.


From an official’s point of view, the MPA wants every official in the state in all sports to register with Dragonfly.  It is no cost, you go in and enter your demographic information, you do it once and it will transfer over to all the sports that you officiate.


The reason that all the services are free is that in previous years, the NFHS had been paying upwards to $400,000 yearly to Arbiter, and now that the NFHS is switching over to Dragonfly, they will divert the money that previously gone  to Arbiter to fund Dragonfly.


With the switch to Dragonfly, an additional burden will be placed on board secretaries to keep track of what officials have yet to register, because Bob White will no longer be sending NFHS registration fees to the NFHS. This year the secretaries will send the registration fees they have already collected from their officials to the NFHS, but it will be the responsibility of all officials to go on line and register as a member of their local board. Instructions for how to do that will be forwarded to local secretaries for promulgation to their officials once Dragonfly has finished preparing those instructions. If we run into difficulty during this transition, Dennis will be able to point to the person with the solution.


Brad Lunt thanked Dennis for taking 45 minutes to share with MASO how we will interact with Dragonfly and how Dragonfly will make life easier for us as sports officials.


Secretary’s Report of the 11/10/19 meeting was accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted along with a request than it contain more information about how our YTD  income compares with budget expectations, and how the outstanding bills compare with the current balance and projected income.


Communications and Bills



MPA Liaison Report

The MPA decided to postpone action on travel and rider fees.

No Soccer Committee meeting before the of May.


Referee Development Committee

Charlie has been extremely busy as a school superintendent as the district makes plans for what the instruction plans will look like given the demands placed on it by the COVID-19 pandemic. From the old minutes, July and August were the target months for the proposed training. Brad Fogg reminded us that the MPA is not happy with the quality of refereeing and game control over the past few years and that we need to keep moving forward with our plans for assessments and interpretations with ZOOM sessions. Because it is so crucial that we are at our best during the tournament weeks this fall, the Advanced Referee cadre must be in top form to successfully pass the new Advanced Referee Training agility test. Is tougher than the existing one, but which must be passed in order to be considered for membership in the Advanced Referee cadre.



Stephen Peats shared information on the Advanced Training program he and his team have been working on during the winter and spring months.


Brad Fogg noted that there are free tests from the NFHS which are on line that we must take. He will get the information out to us.


Constitution Committee

Alex Pleau have been working on Constitution and Bylaw changes which they will share with  us at the September meeting for discussion purposes. We will vote on the amendments at the annual meeting in November. Featured in the changes will be a discrimination policy, because it is required by law and we don’t discriminate.


There being no further business to come before the group today, Brad thanked everyone for their hard work since last November and announced out next meeting will be a  ZOOM meeting on Sunday, September 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM. He will send out an invitation to that meeting in the week before the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,



Steve Johnson

MASO Secretary








Official MINUTES of the MASO  Meeting
 held August 11, 2019 at the Bangor Parks and Recreation Department, Bangor, Maine
Attending were:
             Central            Eastern                   Northern                    Downeast                   
      Jeff Gray            Larry Seaney              Jana Shaw                     Harold Clark
     Nick Murray                                                                               Don Beal                                             
             Western          South Central       Acadia                        Midcoast                     
             Mark Ouellette     Don Plourde               Steve Johnson               Ken Brillant
             MPA Liaison  MASO President     Director of Referee Development                  

              Brad Fogg         Brad Lunt                        excused absence      



              Mark Byron, Central Maine Soccer Officials Association President

              Dave Tourtelotte,  CMSOA Assignor

              Richard McGovern, CMSOA Secretary/Treasurer



President Brad Lunt welcomed everyone, including our guests, Mark Byron, president of the Central Maine Soccer Officials Association, Dave Tourtelotte, Assigner, CMSOA  and Richard McGovern, Secretary/Treasure, CMSOA


Brad Lunt explained the reason for this emergency meeting was to make a decision as to whether or not the Central Maine Soccer Officials Board is in good standing given that its annual MASO due are in arrears for the 2018 season.  To date, they have not made a payment for the 2018 season nor the upcoming 2019 season.



Brad Lunt announced he was recusing himself from the discussion because of the conflict of interest he has, being the president of MASO while at the same time, being a member of CM Board


Mark Byron  questioned what is quorum. His opinion was that it was 51% of the 18 members of MASO.

 Ken Brilliant replied that not all Boards have filled their allotted two slots on the MASO Executive Committee, so MASO considers a quorum to be 51% of the elected representatives to the Executive Committee

Mark Byron wanted to be sure that today’s meeting was not a grievance  hearing. He said he was told it would be  a chance to present the CMSOA’s case for not paying 2018 assessment.. That having been said, he went on with his presentation. Mark noted that four individuals, including Ken Osborne, Ken Roberts, and Rod Spearing had put MASO together and asked Dave Tourtelotte to share the conversation he had had with Rod Spearing, one of the founders.

Ken Osborne, Ken Roberts, 2 other started MASO


Dave Tourtelotte said Rod Spearing told him the purpose of MASO was to facilitate soccer in Maine, nothing more.


Mark Byron said boards formed before MASO formed. Bud Hinckley Jerrry Nault, MASO has no charter.  Without a charter, MASO has no standing to ask for dues. Local boards raise money for own needs. DE board has needs different from WM


Motion CM will pay $150 to maintain good standing with MASO and will meet with MASO and will report back to MASO on the following questions by August 29.The questions that will be covered are 1) Dues restructuring for 2018 and  2)What dues of the 2019 assessment it will pay.


Ken Brillant seconded the motion

Pass with a 9-0 vote, no abstentions


Respectfully submitted.



Steve Johnson




Official MINUTES of the MASO Annual Meeting
held September 8,2018 at the Bangor Parks and Recreation Department, Bangor, Maine
Attending were:
             Central            Eastern                   Northern                    Downeast                   
   Jeff Gray             Larry Seaney                                                   Harold Clark
     Nick Murray         Wil Hasselmann                                               Don Beal                                              8
             Western          South Central       Acadia                        Midcoast                     
             Tim Warrow                                          Nick Henry                     Ken Brilliant
             Mark Ouellette                                      Steve Johnson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
             MPA Liaison      MASO President     Director of Referee Development             
             Brad Fogg               Brad Lunt 
Secretary Steve Johnson took the roll and verified the attendance by reading the initialed sign in sheet/
President Brad Lunt called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM and welcomed the members of the Executive Committee. He shared his positive impressions of the several interpretation meetings he attended during August and reiterated his desire that at the end of the day we get our best high school referees in Maine on the pitch for the Regional and State finals. The tone for making sure we are doing this is set at the August meetings when the presenters share with the Local Boards any new rules, points of emphasis, and other items that will help the officials stay at the top of their game.
Secretary’s Report. The minutes of the May 20, 2018 meeting were accepted
Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer’s report, showing a balance of $2763.41 in the bank was accepted.
Communications and Bills: Brad Lunt read a letter sent to him by the father of a soccer player  severely injured last year during an incident where the father maintained that the injury was intentionally inflicted. No card was awarded to the perpetrator, and the player was subject to two surgeries after the incident to attempt to correct the problem. Because of the injury, this athlete had to forego her winter ski season, where she was a skimeister.  Brad wrote back to the father, expressing his sorrow for the incident having even happened and that as a body, MASO has strong support for the laws of the game and player safety. Brad reminded us that we cannot always measure intent, but that we do need to keep focused on the action in front of us.
Brad’s message to the Executive Committee was that there is a perception statewide that soccer is getting out of control, a fact we need to keep in the forefront of our minds as we referee our games.      Tim Warrow pointed out that we can always be sued. One of his lawyer friends counseled him that the best protection referees can surround themselves with is to get in shape, stay in shape and know the rules cold. Brad Lunt added to that the reminder that we should always pay attention to players that have been hit to see if they go to their head. That is a warning sign that should not be ignored.
 Brad Lunt reminded all Executive Committee members that if they needed player safety training that they should contact him to get it set up.
Committee Reports
MPA Liaison Report; Brad Fogg. Brad covered several topics, highlights of which are    listed here;
Referee Development Report; Charlie Brown Charlie is refereeing a match at Husson College today but submitted his report in advance of the meeting.  Charlie’s full report is         contained in Appendix 2 at the end of these minutes.
 Brad Lunt had asked Charlie to put a team together to show qualifications to be a tester and assessor. Once the process is in place, Brad will share it with the Boards. See Charlie’s comments at the end of his attached report.
Charlie has created a Google Docs information sheet which eventually each MASO member will be asked to fill out. MASO membership information will be gathered for assisting in tracking of training, retention, and promotion of officials. Brad Lunt requested that Charlie to modify Google doc to be sure Executive Committee approves it before he  promulgates it.
Brad Lunt to plans to meet with the Board Presidents to  keep them better informed on MASO happenings and to solicit feedback from them.
Unfinished Business:
Referee Recruitment: Brad Lunt had asked for a report from each Board on the specific steps it was taking to recruit new referees. He received only one response, so put out his request again.
See the Report of the MASO Liaison, in which author Brad Fogg enumerates the suggestions made at the Officials Advisory Committee on May 22, 2018 for the recruitment of new officials. That report is part of Appendix 1 at the end of these minutes.
Bob White Award for 2018 The Executive Committee heard the only nomination letter submitted on behalf of a MASO stalwart and voted to award the Bob White Award to that person. Brad Lunt will make the presentation to the       award winner as soon as the recognition plaque is ready, at which point the winner’s name will be announced on the website.
New Business
Appointment of Committees deferred.
Website Information Update We owe our masoref webmaster, Brad Fogg, our heartfelt gratitude for privately financing and maintaining our          MASO website. Not only does he present up-to-the-minute changes in information (as soon as he is made aware of them), he also keeps us             current with the Breaking News link, complete with the flaming soccer ball graphic as it travels through the air at lightning speed. Thank you, Brad, from all of us    for keeping us informed in a timely manner
MASO Resolution, introduced by Brad Fogg and passed unanimously by the Executive Committee:
            The Maine Association of Soccer Officials and supporters from around the state recognize September as Children's Cancer Awareness Month and highlight the need for awareness and support for those impacted by pediatric cancer. Cancer can be, and is, a debilitating illness; affecting not only the patient but his or her family and friends. And, whereas MASO supports young children and students through their officiating soccer at the high school and middle school levels and sees cancer patients playing the game, we encourage others to find ways to support those student athletes and other stricken and join us in the effort to Fight Cancer.
Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM. The next meeting will be held on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at the Bangor        Parks and Recreation Office.
Respectfully submitted,
Steve Johnson, MASO Secretary
See Attachment #1, MASO Liaison Report and Attachment #2a Referee Development Report and Attachment 2b, Class 1 Advancement Procedure on the following pages.


Attachment 1, Report of the MASO Liaison

Report of the MASO Liaison

on July 10, 2018 I met with the Main Principal’s Association Soccer Committee. Highlights of that meeting follow:

The officials report to the M PA:

·         MASO establish the qualifications for 2018 state games will be the same as 2017. MASO will for the responsibilities of the fourth officials’ duties to the MPA. Post-game assessments will continue in tournament play for 2018.

·         MASO will explore playoff officials needing to have assessments to be eligible for state championship games starting in 2019.

·         Officials are exploring and examining the current physical fitness requirements for class one officials.

·         Officials are looking at making a recommendation to the officials advisory committee about recruitment of officials. (Note: the recent MPA radio ads aimed at recruiting officials resulted in 19 inquiries to the MPA, three of which were directed at soccer officiating. Those names were passed on to various boards where the applicant lived.)

May 22, 2018

The Officials Advisory Committee met at the MPA office. There were two major topics of discussion at this meeting: 1) recruitment of new officials; 2) conflict of interest.

There are several suggestions from the advisory group for possible recruitment of new officials:


the advisory committee reviewed and discussed a draft conflict of interest statement that was developed previously (Larry La Rochelle) after discussion, it was determined that each sport should have a discussion about the topic and bring feedback to the next meeting. Wondering if other states have conflict of interest statements or policies that we may use as a guide.


BACKGROUND CHECKS and FINGERPRINTING: the committee asked of the meeting be set up with the Department of Education to discuss a number of questions:

1) what would cause a person not to receive C HRC certification?

2) how would a board know if a person’s CHRC is revoked (currently the DOE sends a notice to the M PA who then notifies the local board secretary)

3) develop a short explanation of the process for each port use with their membership.

OFFICIALS FEES: clarification consistency is needed for the following topics

the next advisory committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 1, 2018

Respectfully submitted,

Bradley Fogg, MPA liaison

Attachment #2a, MASO Director of Referee Development Report

MASO Director of Referee Development Report

MASO/MPA State Meetings

·         Meetings were held at 7 boards

·         3 meetings presented by Wil Hasselman, 2 by myself, 1 by myself & Jeff Davis, and 1 by the board itself due to scheduling

·         No meeting at Downeast due to scheduling

·         This year’s meeting presented the following topics:

 NFHS Rule changes
 NFHS Points of Emphasis
 MASO/MPA Update (card reporting, Class I clarification, Playoff qualification

 Fouls & Misconduct Clinic

NFHS Testing:

·         Online exam became available August 1

·         Some boards did not relay information until mid August to members

·         Qualification for playoffs ended Sept. 1 for testing

·         Latest NFHS exam results just came in at time of this report... 256 attempts. More detailed report will be forthcoming.

·         Version I was available Aug. 1-Sept 1, Version II is available Sept 5-June 1

·         Suggestion - discontinue the MASO Maine Specific Questions as the MPA bulletin has been consistent for several years and it is a challenge to develop 50 questions from that.

Fitness Testing:

·         Question from some boards about changing the fitness test as college & ussf have gone to track components rather than the grass test.

·         Some boards aren’t administering fitness test until late we need a

deadline like the online exam?


·         Clinic to be held December 8th or 9th at Mt. View HS

·         Refresher and new assessor Clinics:

·         3 person training held at Cony Play Day in August

o    7 referees attended from various boards

o    Stephen Peats assisted with the training

o    Clinic component reviewing field position, duties, and mechanics

o    Field component - each participant worked games as referee and AR

      Feedback provided post-game and then a whole group debrief conducted

      at the end

·         Would like to develop referee training clinics for the off season?

·         Focus on game analysis - fouls recognition, player management, field positioning, etc

MASO Referee Development Committee:

·         Still in progress of gathering members

·         Attempting to get a cross representation of boards (as feasible)

·         Attempting to get a cross representation of associations (USSF, College, NFHS)

·         Currently: Wil Hasselman, Jeff Davis, Stephen Peats are assisting as needed

·         Goal is to have full complement of team by November with roles & responsibilities defined





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