MASO Official Coaches and NEISOA Field Assessors

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the information will be updated as new Referee Coaches are added

All new Class 1 Officials are on probation. In order to end that probation each new Class 1 Officials, starting with the 2009 class must have two successful assessments conducted by an Assessor from this list. You are responsible for paying a fee to the assessor prior to the start of the game. That fee is to be determined.

All State Class 1 Officials must have a Coaching Session Yearly as a Center Referee one year and an AR the other year.

Brad Fogg

All Boards and NEISOA

E-Mail Brad Fogg

Charlie Brown

All Boards

 Email Charlie B 

Stephen Peats Mid Coast and NEISOA  E-mail Steve

Chris Roy

South Central

Email Chris R

Jason Pelletier

Eastern Maine

E-mail JasonP

Allen Drew

Eastern Maine

Email Allen D

Steve Johnson


Email Steve J

Brad Ala

Northern Maine

 Email Brad Ala
Michael Pullen Eastern Maine  E-mail Michael
Ron Davis Western Maine Email Ron
Wil Hasselman Eastern Maine

  Email Wil

Larry Larochelle Mid-Coast Email Larry L
Ken Brillant Mid-Coast E-mail Ken
Scott Pereria Western Maine Email Scott P
George Ayoob Western Maine Email George A
Chris Girardin Western Maine Email Chris G
Peter Lavasseur Western Maine E-mail Nick
Ron Kramer Western Maine Email Ron K
Brad Lunt Central Maine E-mail Brad Lunt
Russ McGregor Mid- Coast E-mail Russ
Nick Murray Central Maine E-mail Nick
Cindy Barnicle Mid-Coast E-mail Cindy
Steve Thibodeau Northern Maine E-mail Steve
Bob Stedt Northern Maine E-mail Bob
Dave DeMerchant Northern Maine E-mail Dave
Jason Carmichael Northern Maine E-mail Jason
Tom Donahue Northern Maine E-mail Tom
Dan Giardin Northern Maine E-mail Dan
Jana Shaw Northern Maine E-mail Jana
Dave Astle Northern Maine E-mail Dace

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