MASO Official Coaches and NEISOA Field Assessors

All new Class 1 Officials are on probation. In order to end that probation each new Class 1 Officials, starting with the 2009 class must have two successful assessments conducted by an Assessor from this list. You are responsible for paying a fee to the assessor prior to the start of the game. That fee is a varsity game fee

New NEISOA Officials must also have two game assessments as part of their probationary period, one of which must be with a whistle. Those assessments need to be done by a NEISOA assessor and they are listed here as well.

Brad Fogg


Charlie Brown


Greg Dugas


Mike Violette


e-mail Mike

Dave Maroon Western Maine e-mail Dave
George Ayoob Western Maine e-mail George

Dave Tourtelotte

Central Maine/NEISOA

E-mail Dave T.

Sheldon Tozer Central Maine

Mike King

Mid Coast/NEISOA

Stephen Peats Mid Coast
Walt Gorneau Mid Coast

Travis Jalbert

South Central

Chris Roy

South Central

Phil Boucher

South Central

Dave Theriault South Central e-mail Dave Theriault

Denny Harmon


Tracie Martin


Lynn Lyford

Down East

Jason Pelletier

Central Maine

Randy Allen

Central Maine

Michael Jeffrey

Eastern Maine

Jay Bowker

Eastern Maine

Dewey Martin

Eastern Maine

John Stephenson

Western Maine

Graydon Buckingham

Northern Maine

Dave Demerchant

Northern Maine


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