September 28, 2020 The MPA Sports Medicine Committee approves gaiters as an appropriate face covering for athletes.

With that being said, we have stated that any player who pulls an opponent's gaiter will automatically be shown a Red Card for Violent Conduct. 

As far as officials go, I would agree that they are acceptable for officials as well.

 Keep in mind, blowing of the whistle is to happen under the face covering to reduce the airborne particles or use of an electronic whistle is required.


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MPA COVID Return to Competitive Athletics

Appendix I for General Considerations for Officials

Appendix E Return to Competition - Soccer

MPA Soccer Bulletin


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PowerPoint for  Interpreting Covid-10 Return to Play Guidelines by Michael Pullen is located at:

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Mandatory Referee Clinic Dates: To be established - check with your Regional Board Secretary

June 12, 2020

Maine Association of Soccer Officials
Referee Development Committee - URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT

June 8, 2020

Dear MASO Boards:
At a recent meeting of the MASO Executive Board, a review of the recommendations for the Advanced Referee Program was reviewed and voted to move forward with these recommendations for the 2020 Soccer Season. The intent of this letter is to provide clarification of the new program and its purpose as well as requirements.

Over the past many seasons, the MPA soccer committee has fielded numerous correspondence regarding the level of officiating in Maine high school soccer. Through the development program, training has been provided through the means of annual rules meetings and clinics. This method has not proven to be the most beneficial and a need to raise the level of officiating for Maine interscholastic soccer remained. At their winter 2019 meeting, the MPA soccer committee made it clear that MASO needed to step up and review its programming.

During the Winter of 2019-20, a sub-committee of MASO was formed to meet this MPA request. The committee developed new referee training materials, a MASO assessor training program, a diagonal system of control training, and an advance referee training program. These programs were reviewed by the MASO executive committee in March and voted to implement in the Fall of 2020. Information regarding the other training will be forthcoming to the individual board trainers and/or interpreters.

The MASO Advanced Referee Training program is a voluntary program for those referees who want to officiate in Regional and State level playoff games in 2020 and beyond. Below are the requirements to achieve the Advanced Referee designation.


All application materials and supporting documentation (certificates, assessments, etc), must be submitted to: MASO Referee Development Committee ℅ Stephen Peats, 126 East Fork Road, Camden, ME 04843 or All materials will be held in a database file available to all members of the committee. Application materials, documentation forms, clinic dates, times and locations will be posted annually by June 30th on the MASO website ( under the Advanced Referee Training tab.

Thank you for your support of MASO and bringing the best level of officiating to the interscholastic level.


May 31: MASO Executive Board will be meeting via Zoom

April 21, 2020

Folks – The National Federation is offering free on line courses for officials through their Learning Center.  Total of 11 courses through July 1, 2020.  Learn more at

March 8, 2020

A.  The MASO Executive Committee has voted to adopt the "MASO SOCCER REFEREE PROGRAM. The program goals includes:

        Improvimg knowledge, mechanics and application of the DSC, including the 4th Official for all Maine High School Soccer Refs.


B.    Develop a training presentation to become a qualified assessor


C.    Develop a program for referees to become advanced referees, with the understanding that only advanced referees would be considered for regional and state finals


D.    Develop a database to be able to track qualifications of referees (undergoing development) and to define who has responsibility for the various inputs into the database.

An Advanced Soccer Program is being developed and will include the following requisites:

1. MASO class I official for at least three years prior to application
2. Must be a member in good standing with his or her primary board
3. Members of the board is in good standing with MASO
4. Officiated in a minimum of 20 high school varsity (USSF U 15 and above, and college games to be accepted)
     but of which 10 have to be high school varsity matches, and the two seasons prior to application.
5. To have undergone and passed 1 formal assessment as a Center Referee (CR) and 1 as an assistant referee (AR) in
the DSC in the year of application and that it would be a by annual requirement.
6. Pass annually, with a grade of greater than 85%, the NFHS online test
7. Pass the MASO advance referee test. (USSF regional ref test and college test will be acceptable)
8. Attend MASO Advanced Referee clinic/playoff procedure presentation
9. Take NFHS courses
    a. Concussion in sports (free)
    b. Concussion for students (free)
    c. Heat illness prevention (free)
    d. Officiating soccer: Fouls and Misconduct ($20 fee paid to NFHS)


Rules Update / DSC presentation

Rules presentations on the DSC and forth official will be made by the MASO Director of Referee Development to the local board interpreters, who will then disseminate to all members of their individual boards. This will be a compulsory meeting for all members of the various boards. These presentations will be done in July and August.

Assessors Course


An Assessor course will be offered in two locations in August in conjunction with the advanced referee courses and the fitness test. Times, dates, and place will be determined in the very near future.



Referees would, to their individual board, and request to be assessed. Those request would be facilitated by the individual boards, as far as possible, with certified assessors within their board. If a board cannot satisfy the request they will inform the MASO Director of Referee Development who would facilitate obtaining an alternate assessment.

New Referee Training:

MASO has adopted a model New Referee Training Presentation that will be made available to all Boards and is recommended for adoption.


The MASO Director of Referee Development and MPA Rules Interpreter will meet with local Board Interpreters and Trainers prior to this taking place. MASO  President will also be scheduling a meeting with Local Board Presidents.